Harris Tweed Pumpkins


For centuries, islanders of Lewis, Harris, The Uists, Benbecula and Barra have woven cloths by hand, commonly known as Harris Tweed. Originally woven for personal use, the cloth became a form of currency on the islands, and it wasn't unusual for locals to pay for things such us rent with blankets or cloths woven in their own homes. Today, Harris Tweed is the world's only commercial produced hand woven Tweed.

  • Scarlett Pimpernel Tartan Pumpkin

  • Ladys Bedstraw Tartan Pumpkin

  • Cowslip Tartan Pumpkin

  • Sweet Vernal Tartan Pumpkin

  • Devils Bit Tartan Pumpkin

  • Fern Pumpkin

  • Olive Pumpkin

  • Maize Pumpkin

  • Saffron Pumpkin

  • Magenta Pumpkin

  • Lilac Pumpkin

  • Powder Pumpkin

  • Stone Pumpkin

  • Teal Pumpkin